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Evernote updates Web Clipper for Chrome to be more efficient, take up less ...
The Next Web
Today, Evernote updated its Web Clipper Chrome extension with what it calls a more “thoughtful layout.” The updated extension's footprint has been reduced by only showing relevant features at a moment. The floating control panel resides in the top ...

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Botnets ainda afetam brasileiros
Decision Report
Diante do avanço dos ataques direcionados, a Trend Micro fez uma imersão nas últimas tendências sobre o uso de botnets por cibercriminosos. A pesquisa da empresa constatou que existem algumas estatísticas mais recentes, muito utilizadas pelos ...

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Local app developers encouraged to enter international app competition
Silicon Valley based Evernote invites African designers and developers to apply for its annual Evernote Platform Awards, having joined forces with the African Technology Foundation (ATF) to find Africa's hottest homegrown talent in app design and ...

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Ouverture d'une boutique Evernote, complémentaire du service en ligne
Le Parisien
Le célèbre logiciel Evernote, qui permet de capturer des informations sous différentes formes (notes, images, vidéos, etc.) depuis n'importe quel ordinateur, smartphone ou tablette, annonce l'ouverture de sa boutique ligne, l'Evernote Market, en France.

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