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user avatar bcarlos123 Carlos Byrd

bcarlos123 05 Jan 17 @ 7:41 am   Reply  
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user avatar clara Hi

HiMy name is Clara. .i just saw your profile hereand i want to make friendship with youto discus a lot of things with you,what is your opinion about this?please reply me on (clarajobe2012@yahoo.comand i will tell you details about me with my photo.thanks from Clara.LOVEKisses

clara 28 Aug 12 @ 1:57 am   Reply  
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user avatar Jeff Email files to folders
It would be nice if the folders or accounts had emails associated with them so that you could email files to folders. I noticed this feature with and I believe it would be a nice add to an already incredible set of powerful and integrated features that provides.

Jeff 10 May 09 @ 7:32 am   Reply  

user avatar Blake Johnson Automatic backups at scheduled times
Ability to have automated backups via desktop utility at scheduled times. This would really seal the deal for a lot of personal, business, and enteprise users. Even if you could automatically sync folders (not the entire pc/mac), that would be a huge step forward.

Blake Johnson 05 Feb 09 @ 8:04 am   Reply  
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