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Our lives are are becoming more complicated and we're relying more and more on the Internet to help us get our work done more efficiently. In 2010, The New York Times reported that average computer users check 40 websites per day (source

With all that information and all those tools, we need simplification. Nobody has the time to decipher which tools are best for what. At, we help simplify your search for the best tools and quality information sources that help you be more productive in your day.

Five Professional Review Tools for Quicker Decision-Making

Become a CloudSurfing PRO today to get instant access to five professional decision-making tools that help you filter through the noise of the web apps, platforms and infrastructure in the cloud.

  1. Rank: Tell us what's important to you or your company and we'll rank the top sites that fit the solution you're looking for, immediately! We consider popularity, growth, and community ratings into our algorithm.
  2. Compare: Compare a category of apps side-by-side to understand key differences in functionality and price, then review critical statistics that help you see who is the most popular or fastest growing.
  3. Filter: Quickly filter and refine your list of top applications based on whether the application is for business or personal use and whether it's free or paid.
  4. Export: Easily export data into Excel for competitive analysis, research, acquisition reporting, further analytics and more.
  5. Get Advice: Ask for honest advice from our experts, our community, or your friends! We'll guarantee advice from our community experts when you need insightful opinions. is an invaluable resource and an essential tool that I use to for my business research and development. It helps me take my business to the next level and gain the competitive advantage that I need.

Emily, Microsoft

Cloudsurfing is the best place to find the best tools on the web. Period. It's also been a lifesaver for my work, helping me be more organized and find the tools to do more... all while saving money.

Alex, KIRO


Plus, Get instant access to 100s of incredible under the radar resources

From outsourcing to crowdsourcing to research and search, we have 100s of incredible under the radar resources and services to help you get work done faster for less, resources are only available to Pro members.

People often wonder how modern networked companies can get so much done so fast. Well, the secret is being a networked company. We've utilized hundreds and even thousands of people to help us get work done using some of the best online tools.

Rather than do things the slow, bureaucratic and expensive way, be a nimble CEO and get a lot of work done with great outsourcing and crowdsourcing tools. End the slowness and pain today by uncovering the incredible global talent available to you.

If you do any of your work online, it's time to get serious about the powerful tools available to you to help you be more efficient in in getting your work done, collaborate with others, get organized, and marketing your company or yourself. Stop spending hours of your own research and surf there faster with CloudSurfing PRO.

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