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Company Name: Norada
Founded 2006    Public/Private: Private


Primary Phone: 1-650-331-7336
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Primary Address: AF


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New option: Time tracking for Google Sheets

Pull Solve’s “Time tracking” report into Google Sheets, similarly to how you can pull in Opportunity, Next actions and Follow-up reports.

Google sheets time tracking

25 March 2015, 6:00 am

New feature: Use your own outgoing email service

Typically, Google displays a warning on any of your mail-service transactional messages, giving away the “secret” of your automated system. A Constant Contact example:

Gmail direct to before

Enable Solve’s new “Outgoing Email Service” add-on to dispatch your transactional (automated) Solve messages using your own email system. This regains the feeling of a personal touch in your message … just as if you typed it yourself.

Feature enabled
Gmail direct to before

Feature disabled
Gmail direct to before

This unique feature increases the trust level of the messages, substantially reducing the possibility that your automated emails will be filtered or rejected as spam. Transactional messages become visible in your Sent folder, and Google presents the emails to the recipient as if you typed and sent them normally.

4 February 2015, 7:00 am

New feature: (re)direct emails between Google Apps accounts

Cleanly direct an incoming email from one Gmail inbox to another within your team, using Solve’s Webmail feature.

Gmail direct to before

The message will be copied to the specified user’s own Gmail Inbox with a special “{<—your name}” label added so they know the message was directed to them by you.

Gmail direct to after

21 October 2014, 6:00 am

New improvement: Google events include a permalink back to Solve

When syncing Solve events to your Google calendar Solve now embeds a link in Google back to the related Solve CRM record.

Google calendar sync

Click to open the corresponding CRM record the same way it does in Solve’s own calendar. This saves you from manually searching for the CRM record in Solve each time you’re preparing for a call or meeting.

20 October 2014, 6:00 am

New improvement: Google Doc picker

We’ve added a new powerful search panel to the “Add a link to a Google Doc” activity, making it easier for you navigate through your Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Folders, visual previews and advanced search options help you quickly find the one you’re looking for.

Google Picker for Solve CRM

25 September 2014, 6:00 am

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