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Company Name: Norada
Founded 2006    Public/Private: Private


Primary Phone: 1-650-331-7336
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Primary Address: AF


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New feature: Mail Merge with Google Documents
New feature: Mail Merge with Google Documents

What’s new

Fast on the heels of Solve360 for Google Sheets reports comes the new wonder kid, Solve360 for Google Docs. Create personalized documents and labels by pulling your unique Solve360 data into Google Docs.

Imagine, easily merging your CRM data into your templated letters/contracts/proposals you send daily. Push a list of identified leads and personalize your newsletters or event invitations. Or switch out your regular printer paper and merge contact data into printable labels to stick on envelopes, or name tags for your next meet-up.

Some context. Today's popular mail merge options take 4,306 words to setup, or a 54 minute video just to introduce the concept. We’re here to rescue you. The Solve360 for Google Docs Merge takes just 3-clicks! We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, you can put on your cape and deliver the good news. Be the hero your team needs, by finding engaging ways to interact with clients and run your business more efficiently.

The benefits

Your team likely works from a standard set of documents. You can justify spending the time to personalize a letter, contract or proposal for high-value clients. Finding the time to deliver the same service for all the rest is tricky. It takes time to give each one that resounding personal touch, flipping back and forth between database and document. #time-consuming, #error-prone, #annoying

Solve360 for Google Docs automates the personalization process. Create dynamic documents and labels by easily replacing your unique field-placeholders in your templated documents with data from your Solve360 account. Unite your business tools: in one sweep email and link your merged document directly within the add-on. The Solve360 CRM add-on extends the same powerful custom searching features available inside Solve360 to Google Documents. Simple, powerful, useful.

  • Automate document personalization
  • Merge dynamic lists of records from Solve360
  • Eliminate chance of error(s)
  • Author documents and label templates for re-use

Fundamental and useful, CRM and document integration will increase efficiency in your business and help deliver consistent and personalized service to each of your customers. Time well spent.

Lets create some documents ...

7 April 2014, 12:00 am

New feature: Solve360 Google Sheets add-on


Solve360 for Sheets gives you the ability to pull data directly from your Solve360 account, into Google Spreadsheets to easily generate personalized reports and maps.

What’s New

It’s been a long time coming, today we reveal the plot ...

Google has announced Google Sheets add-ons, which showcases highly regarded third-party apps integrated with Google Spreadsheets, including ours. With the new one-click activation method right from your Sheet, terms like “script, code and update” have been fed to the shredder for good!


To start creating unique, flexible reports and dashboards simply open the Solve360 CRM add-on page and click on …

We’ve passed you the ball. Signal you want more with an alley-oop slam dunk, by rewarding Solve360 with an all-star rating in the Google Sheets add-on store.

11 March 2014, 12:00 am

New integration: Mapping


Solve360 for Sheets enables you to pull in and integrate your other system's data to transform your reports into a full-blown dashboard.

What’s new

Using Solve360 for Sheets pull in contact, company, and project blog business address data from your Solve360 account into Google Maps.

  • Visualize contact and project location
  • Filter, colour code, and emphasize points of interest
  • Plan succinct business travel routes
Google maps CRM integration

Pinpoint the most lucrative opportunities for your field team, capitalizing on their travel time, by combining Google Maps with Solve360.

Let's integrate Google MapEngine with Solve360 ...

8 March 2014, 12:00 am

New feature: Reporting with Google Spreadsheets

What’s new

We’ve doubled-down and enhanced our beloved Solve360 Google Sheets integration. Improving on traditional CRM reports, we’ve made it simple to personalize your own. Find answers to specific questions, using simple Excel-like spreadsheets you’re already comfortable with.

We’ve provided tutorials for specific examples including Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Sales Team Performance and Quarterly Sales reports. Each report progressively demonstrates the flexibility and usefulness of Solve360 and Google Sheets, smartly integrated to create practical business dashboards.


These reports fit your business, focusing only on data elements important to you. They’re simple, meaningful and because you made them, you can trust them.

The benefits

You understand the importance of measuring and positioning, so you search for opportunities to grow your business through efficiency; saving resources. But canned reports cater to a wide variety of businesses, limiting their ability to narrow down and answer your unique business questions. Old reporting methods are bulky and require manual exporting, importing and cleaning up of data #time-consuming, #error-prone, #annoying. Eliminate these distractions.

“Solve360 for Google Sheets” pulls data directly from your Solve360 account into Google Spreadsheets making it easy to generate personalized reports. It extends the same powerful custom searching features available inside Solve360 to Google Spreadsheets and provides settings to customize output formats making it easy to make simple, useful reports.

  • Summarize and visualize business health
  • Filter and analyse data
  • Update reports in one-click

Intelligent CRM and spreadsheet integration hands you the control, so you can independently filter and analyze your business data, in an environment that’s familiar to you.

Lets create some reports ...

13 February 2014, 12:00 am

New feature: “Show related activities” for Touch


As a knighted Solve360 user you relish “Show related activities”

  • Confident you’ve reviewed all critical information
  • Compare activities of related records under one feed
  • Increase focus of special activities across multiple records

What’s new

Utilize “Show related activities” on your mobile device using Solve360’s Touch App for iPhone / iPad and Android. This feature will help you “roll-up” all known information related to contacts away from the office and manage project’s on-site by expanding your view, compiling communication history right within the palm of your hands.


Imagine this

“Show related activities” can squeeze massive value from your team’s existing email accounts. You know Solve360’s unique Google Apps “Link to” feature can automatically pull in emails from each team member’s individual Google Apps account and list the relevant ones together on a contact’s record. Tapping the “Show related activities” option on your phone will organize all activities and emails from related records onto your record of interest, under one feed. This will instill confidence that you have all the history and context you need, whether the email came in two years or two seconds ago. Congratulations, you just leveled-up.

The details

To make it easy to follow activities will be sorted by date, hiding section headers from view. “Related activities” will be marked with an orange background and show the name of the record it’s from.

31 January 2014, 12:00 am

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