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Promotion Structure

CloudSurfing promotes its members based on participation points and reputation points.

Level Participation Points Reputation Points
Novice 0 0
Apprentice 100 10
Journeyman 300 25
Master 1000 50
Sage 4000 100
Guru 10000 250

Participation Points

Participation points are earned by participating in any of the following ways.

Activity Point Amount
Adding your profile avatar 25
Adding a video 20
Writing a review 20
Adding a suggestion 15
Adding a screenshot 15
Adding a comment 10
Adding a rating 7
Promoting/demoting an item 1
Adding a tag 1
Voting on the similarity between sites 1

Participation Bonuses

You earn double the participation points whenever you are the first to add a new type of content to a site:

Activity Point Amount
Adding the first video 40
Writing the first review 40
Adding the first screenshot 30
Making the first suggestion 30
Adding the first rating 14
Adding the first tag 2

Reputation Points

Reputation points are earned when someone else votes up your content. Contributions which can earn up votes are:

Content Type

Reputation Bonuses

You multiply each reputation point earned based on the level of the person that voted on your content. Thus when a level 3 user votes up your content, you earn three reputation points!

Level Multiplier
Novice 1x
Apprentice 2x
Journeyman 3x
Master 4x
Sage 5x
Guru 6x
Most Active Members
Most Active Today
Most Active this Week
Most Active this Month

Most Reputable Members

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