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If you are a site owner who would like increased visibility on CloudSurfing we have a few options you might be interested in:

Premium Profile:    $1500.00 Per Year

  • Your site will display with a highlighted background on category site listings, custom list, review tool site lists, and search results
  • Removal of all other advertising from site pages
  • Sponsor Page inclusion
  • Other benefits will be available over time
Premium Profile example Sponsor Page example

Category Featured Site:    $500.00 Per Year

  • Your site will be prominently listed above the site list on one category browse page
Category Featured Site example

Homepage Featured Site:    $1000.00 Per Year

  • Your site will be included in the Home Page Featured Site rotation
Homepage Featured Site example

CloudSurfing PRO:    $200.00 Per Year

Please contact us with any questions.
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